1. Visitor (below – Data subject), agrees that savastralas.lt (below – Data collector) will handle Data subject’s personal data, listed in the 2 paragraph of this consent, for direct marketing purposes. Data subject also agrees that www.savastralas.lt will contact him via telephone, mail and by other ways to inform about Data controller’s provided services and ask for evaluation of those services. A Data subject allows to pass his personal data, named in the 2 paragraph of this consent, for direct partners’ contacts and provision of information about provided services.
  2. A Data subject agrees that Data controller will handle his personal data, according to the determined purposes in the 1 paragraph of this consent: Name, Surname, address, email address, telephone number.
  3. A Data subject confirms that he was informed about having a right to get acquainted with his personal data and how it is managed after the confirmation of his identity, i.e. receive an information, from which sources and what data of his identity was collected, what is the purpose of the handling, for whom data is provided, require to correct, destroy your data or stop, except the storage, your personal data handling actions, when data is managed not according to the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania or other law regulations, disagree that his personal data will be managed further. Requirements have to be corrected, inaccurate or incomplete personal data has to be destroyed or handling of the personal data has to be stopped, Data subject has a right to express himself in writing after arriving in the Data collector’s habitat.
  4. Data collector is obliged to ensure Data subject’s safety of the personal data, accomplish appropriate technical and organizational methods to protect personal data from the illegal destruction or/and accidental changes, disclosure and from the other illegal handling.
  5. This consent to handle Data subject’s personal data gives Data collector a right to get and provide Data subject’s personal data and information as much as it does not oppose the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
  6. The consent to handle a Data Subject’s personal data is valid until Data Subject’s requirement to stop his personal data handling.