Roadside assistance

Car transportation

Does your car bumped into serious problems on a road and you cannot continue your trip? You will get high-quality technical car – trawl assistance round the clock regardless of the week days. We will transport your car with all passengers to the appropriate location.

Car transportation from the Germany and other countries

Do you want to purchase a car from the Germany, France, Belgium’s market places? We can transport one, two or even three cars at the same time. Also, we can transport to 6 persons, who will travel together. Additionally, we can transport damaged cars to the Lithuania from the mentioned countries and many others.

Changing the tire on the road

Did you got a punctured tire? We can use your spare wheel to change punctured or damaged tire, also we can bring your own spare wheel. Punctured or damaged tire could be fixed on the spot.

Car emergency start

Does not your car start? We can help to start it, if it is not a very serious ignition system’s damage. Car emergency start is done for transports, which tension is 12V or 24V.

Pulling out of a ditch or off-road

Did you drive into the ditch or stuck on the road? Call our trawl – we will pull you out of the ditch, off-road, snow or dirt at any time and at any weather.


Do you run out of gas? We will deliver fuel (gasoline, diesel) and pour it into the fuel tank that you will continue your trip.

Car repair service

Do you still do not know who will fix your damaged car? If your car is in a real trouble, we can repair your car and even prepare it to vehicle inspection with your reliable partners’ help.

Fuel removal from tank

Did the sad mistake occurred that instead of gasoline you poured diesel or vice versa? Do not try to pump fuel out by ourselves – it is dangerous! Trust us! We can pump fuel out after transporting a car to the car service or at your specified location.